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5 Reasons to Winter Trim

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Hint: It's better and it's cheaper.

Trimming your trees and shrubs in the winter may seem counterintuitive to some, but do yourself a favor and listen up. There's no better time than the present, and it also just so happens that the winter really is the best time for this maintenance. Read on, friend.

It's good for the health of your trees, they'll be even more beautiful in the spring and ok, ok... it's CHEAPER.

#1: It promotes faster and stronger regrowth in spring.

By removing limbs and branches during the dormant stage, we can redirect the energy used for those unnecessary limbs back to the roots. This means extra stores of energy that can be used to heal cuts and have plenty leftover for more vigorous growth and blooms in the spring! (Some shrubs and trees are exceptions- we can help clarify!)

#2: Pesky bugs and diseases are dormant, too.

You always run some risk of inviting bugs and diseases into a tree when its trimmed. However, coupled with our knowledge of how to PROPERLY trim trees, the fact that bugs and diseases aren't searching for a winter home certainly helps.

#3: Shaping is more effective without excess foliage.

Once the leaves have fallen, it's much easier to see the shape of your tree and quickly move throughout to identify dead and diseased limbs. Without the leaves in the way, we can see clearly how effective each cut will be to enhance its overall shape.

#4: WINTER PRICING is just better. Need we say more?

As mentioned, it's easier and takes less time for us to trim in the winter, plus we aren't running ragged. That correlates to lower prices.

#5: You're doing our crew a favor.

Listen to the philanthropist side of yourself right now. We much prefer working in the cool weather than sweltering heat. Sorry, had to throw that out there for our guys, God bless them.

You have enough to take care of this spring and summer. Knock this off your list now and reap the benefits of a Winter Trim.


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