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Tree Pruning

Why prune your trees? Besides the obvious (ex.: a limb is about to fall on your new Suburban), pruning can actually be good for the health of your tree. We don't like to be vain, but its also hard to deny that a well-manicured tree adds to the aesthetic of your property.

Tree Removal

Do you have a tree that has run its course? Whether its fruitfulness has been depleted or it's in the way of that driveway you've been wanting, we know just how to take your trees down safely and efficiently. Quotes are free; why not let us come take a look?

Stump Grinding

Keep stubbing your toe on that tree stump in your backyard? Maybe you thought it would serve as a nice chair, but it just isn't getting much use? Let us get it out of there.

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Click above for a FREE quote! We know you've been mulling over ideas for that dream backyard. Or maybe it's not as fun: your insurance company is asking you to trim that tree away from your house. Whatever the reason, give us a shout and we will get you a complimentary quote.


We have high-quality hard wood, seasoned firewood that's ready and waiting for your next bonfire or cozy evening by the fireplace. Let us deliver a half or full cord straight to your home, or call to pick up for an even lower price!

Hedge Trimming

Are your hedges looking a little hairy? Let us help you get them groomed back into shape. Our experts know when and how to prune your plants to keep them growing, blooming, and bringing you the beauty and/or privacy you've been looking for.

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"The whole team was efficient, professional and friendly , sharing further maintenance suggestions and cleaning up after themselves and our trees! It was a pleasure to have had them here and we will certainly recommend them to others. Thank You!"

-Mt Pleasant, SC Client



We are different. Why, you ask? Because the owner, Kevin Andrus, has literally been climbing the trees and doing the hard work for THIRTY years. He takes the reputation of this operation very seriously, and that's why he wants to be at every job making sure he or his carefully selected crew members are doing the perfect job for your family or business. We may be a small business, but we are mighty like the oak. Our customer service and attention to detail is unparalleled. See for yourself.

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Alright, you asked for it. 31/33 total reviews gave us a TEN out of TEN. Those other lonely two reviews were nine out of ten. Go ahead-check out our billions (ok not quite, but we've only just begun collecting them) of reviews that state the trust and approval of our clients. Don't settle for any ol' tree company. You will be our next excellent review!

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